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Labconco FreeZone 2.5 Plus BENCHTOP FREEZE DRIER

System includes freeze dry unit, 2 drying chambers and 1/2 hp vacuum pump (Welch W series 7 s/n EB04/1360) See pg 10/11 of brochure: http://www.thermofishersci.in/lit/Labconco%20Freeze%20Dryer.pdf

Approx. 22 x 20 x 18 ins. (whole system)
Weighs about - 195 lbs.
115VAC, single phase, 16.0 Amps, 60Hz

·lowest temperature   = -119F / -83C
·Ultimate pressure (lowest system vacuum) = 1 x 10(to the)-4
·vacuum time: Free air displacement CFM and L/min = 6.1 and 173,   Normal pump speed CFM and L/min = 5.3 and 150. You'll need to do the math for your application.
·Drying chambers:  http://www.nwsmedical.com/photographs/180827-12454-04C.jpg
·3/8 Vs 1/2 hp motor: The half horse is obviously more more powerful and therefore faster.  Performance will IMPROVE.  
·Free air displacement CFM and L/min = 6.1 and 173
·Normal pump speed CFM and L/min = 5.3 and 150
·Labconco jars:  This is a Labconco machine so it's likely your jars will work. However you will need to contact Labconco with your jar part numbers to confirm compatibility.
·Condition: From appearances this seems to have been a lightly used instrument in a research laboratory with whom we have had close connections.  They took good care of their equipment. We received it because they closed down the plant in our region and it became surplus.  We warrant that you will be pleased with your purchase.  You have 7 days to call us and request to return the unit. We also offer for the first 30 days a $3000 parts warranty if anything intrinsic should be broken.  We do require that you inspect the unit upon arrival. Do not sign shipping documentation until you have confirmed it arrived in the condition we sent it. You will receive pre-shipping photos with specific instructions and we expect that you will take careful photos upon it's arrival. If you find any damage to the packaging you must document it on the shippers signage sheet. We will discuss this with you in detail at point of purchase.
Good Condition Help
FreeZone 2.5 Plus
Asking Price:
$6800 **
Email info@nwsmedical.com for details

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